Tian Zhang
Tian Zhang 10 시간 전
5:22 She washes her silky ankle, gently lifts her face up with that purest eyes in the world- oh I’m in love.
Nanthida Jandee
Nanthida Jandee 11 시간 전
Ruby LEE
Ruby LEE 11 시간 전
This makes me proud to be Chinese despite our reputation of copycats, knockoffs, dirty, inconsiderate, communism, trade wars...yeah you get the drift
Adam Adwa
Adam Adwa 11 시간 전
Osmar Favaro
Osmar Favaro 11 시간 전
Legal suas colheitas gostei muito de ver bom prazer
ธีระพงษ์ มีคงจันทร์
ธีระพงษ์ มีคงจันทร์ 11 시간 전
Dhanashree Patil
Dhanashree Patil 11 시간 전
The rose jam is called Gulkand in marathi
Noobie 11 시간 전
What's nt there in her garden!?
ธีระพงษ์ มีคงจันทร์
ธีระพงษ์ มีคงจันทร์ 11 시간 전
คุณเป็นผู้หญิงที่เก่งมาก ๆ ครับ
VariteyVineyards 11 시간 전
She looks like an immortal.
阿龍 11 시간 전
THAJINU K S T 11 시간 전
Choon Hoong Tham
Choon Hoong Tham 11 시간 전
Jp Madan
Jp Madan 11 시간 전
Please upload new vedio
Urmila Kunwar
Urmila Kunwar 11 시간 전
Beautiful place with beautiful girl. 😙😘😍😚
Fadak Fa
Fadak Fa 11 시간 전
احسنتي عملٌ رأئع 🌼❤
Jiya Zahid
Jiya Zahid 11 시간 전
Her videos really calm my inner conflict of my soul ... proves very peaceful to me ... very pleasant ... i wish i could ever spent my life in such place ... ❤❤
starDay decor
starDay decor 11 시간 전
Liziqi 🥰🥰🥰🥰 എന്റെ നാട്ടുകാർ ഇതുവഴി വരുവണേൽ... ചായകുടിച്ചിട് പോകാം
花落城中如你回眸 11 시간 전
Š ɺǤ
Š ɺǤ 11 시간 전
천안문을 사랑해~~
L kasthuri Bai
L kasthuri Bai 11 시간 전
Very smart Liziqi....
Vimala Sivanesan
Vimala Sivanesan 11 시간 전
So cool... Need more patience and time to do these things in a traditional way.. Very proud on you girl... All wishes and love from India 🇮🇳
Sunu koli
Sunu koli 11 시간 전
Please Hindi language 🙏👌👌👌👌👍 nice
모바일배그TV 11 시간 전
거의 잼민이 사촌동생이 나 달라고 조르는 수준
rutvij Patel
rutvij Patel 12 시간 전
Can I stay this place one month with you
Md Shahabuddin
Md Shahabuddin 12 시간 전
You are soooooo cute
Love Urself
Love Urself 12 시간 전
0:8,9,10 can anyone explain this ?
may gd
may gd 12 시간 전
Елена Кузьмина
Елена Кузьмина 12 시간 전
Красота какая, оторваться не могу
Beby Widia
Beby Widia 12 시간 전
Enaaak banget lihatnya 🤤
Sunanda shukla
Sunanda shukla 12 시간 전
I love to watch her videos 😘 cz I love the area where she live in the lap of nature ❤️❤️I wish I could also live in such surroundings❤️❤️
Rukhsana Khan
Rukhsana Khan 12 시간 전
It's really real work
ᴅᴀɴᴛᴇ ᴅɪᴀᴢ
ᴅᴀɴᴛᴇ ᴅɪᴀᴢ 12 시간 전
what a paradise
lakshmi Lakshmi
lakshmi Lakshmi 12 시간 전
Lotssss offf love From Kerala❤❤❤
พีรดา าฯ แก้วเขียวเหลือง
พีรดา าฯ แก้วเขียวเหลือง 12 시간 전
ashrafa zeher
ashrafa zeher 12 시간 전
Multi-talented girl🙏
mithi Majhi
mithi Majhi 12 시간 전
Ari Artini
Ari Artini 12 시간 전
how beautifulllll
مصطفى مثنى
مصطفى مثنى 12 시간 전
الله يضربكم الله هو ضارب العراق نوب انتو ضربتو صاروخ والعراق وكع بيهل الله هو حاجم بيت العراق
Achu Anukumar
Achu Anukumar 12 시간 전
Plz show that water hw it's coming ...from where?
Ruhi Markam
Ruhi Markam 12 시간 전
Suman Godara
Suman Godara 12 시간 전
Where is this place which has varity
Suman Godara
Suman Godara 12 시간 전
Your house is be you also your cooking is mind blowing
babi adhikari
babi adhikari 12 시간 전
Is this oven made by cement... Please reply 🙏
The Moon
The Moon 12 시간 전
This was absolutely wonderful.
10523장현민 12 시간 전
China is food trash
Hitler Thongam
Hitler Thongam 12 시간 전
I love your intelligence. I don't miss your vedio. All day all night all time I look everything.
ardra byju
ardra byju 12 시간 전
ഏതേലും മലയാളികൾ ഈ വഴി കടന്ന് പോയോ
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starDay decor 11 시간 전
ony KAP
ony KAP 13 시간 전
I like.cute
Alireza Hesari
Alireza Hesari 13 시간 전
I am foram afghanistan 🇦🇫 Verry good 👍
Negin Ehsan Jawid
Negin Ehsan Jawid 13 시간 전
I’m sure if she allows people will come and stay with her for few days and do all the things that she does like live her life even if for few days and actually pay her for that.
010000100110010101101110 0110101000001101
010000100110010101101110 0110101000001101 13 시간 전
I can’t help but imagine liziqi transmigrating to ancient China...she’ll fit right in! That peach blossom crown was so pretty, the buyao she used were pretty too~~
REY NEWS 13 시간 전
Very good in idonesia sukses 🙏👍
Maheshwari Muthuramalingham
Maheshwari Muthuramalingham 13 시간 전
Iiziqi your dog is beautiful and silent.
Negin Ehsan Jawid
Negin Ehsan Jawid 13 시간 전
The only youtube channel that you can actually learn something and get a positive energy instead of comparing your life with others and feel crap about yourself
임다솜 13 시간 전
아직도 있음?ㅋㅋ
Aarti Kothari
Aarti Kothari 13 시간 전
Which song is she singing...its so beautiful...😇
Ann Mariya Biju
Ann Mariya Biju 13 시간 전
Your video is very nine and inspiring video 🔥🔥✨✨
sahana mary
sahana mary 13 시간 전
I wanna live in this place😘😘
Lakhineni Anuradha
Lakhineni Anuradha 13 시간 전
Super lq
Pusathi Devika
Pusathi Devika 13 시간 전
Killing any kind of animal can t be good. We all like to live. Others too. only difference is animals have no words to express what they feel. How painful will be boiling in water. Not appreciated. Other deeds of liziqi is good
23sweetwater 13 시간 전
Wow...I was born in the wrong life again!!! 💚 Multi talented lady, beautiful💄 and strong!
Shami Samad
Shami Samad 13 시간 전
Mr Onegraphic
Mr Onegraphic 13 시간 전
ht012805 13 시간 전
This version got edited, shorten 😕
Заманбек Берык
Заманбек Берык 13 시간 전
Anusree Kv
Anusree Kv 13 시간 전
Real princess
Saima Miskeen
Saima Miskeen 13 시간 전
Fantastic video .i love this girl she is extra ordinary intelligent.so many qualities.i m really impress.
Kuldip Kumar
Kuldip Kumar 13 시간 전
Your videos is very nice, are you single.
에이전트H진심녀 13 시간 전
ㅉㅉ 중국 쟤내는 어떻게 하는짓마다 다 저 모양이냐 세계에서 미움 받는 나라 1위인 이유를 알겠네
Priyanka Ashav
Priyanka Ashav 13 시간 전
queen of narnia❤️
Tea Chamomile
Tea Chamomile 14 시간 전
i am from China and she reminds me of my grandparents. not many young people are like her nowadays. great video and love.
star girl
star girl 14 시간 전
Please girl don't kill animals ..you are very tallented..i lke you're skills..😊
NTG Nathaniel
NTG Nathaniel 14 시간 전
She's the woman who didn't have haters
priyanka 14 시간 전
Awesome place😍
Исмагулова Райля
Исмагулова Райля 14 시간 전
Оооочень интересный фильм,я такое люблю, здоровья красавице дочке и её маме.
NTG Nathaniel
NTG Nathaniel 14 시간 전
Thought she has cameraman
Xiaolin Jiang
Xiaolin Jiang 14 시간 전
Raven Luuu
Raven Luuu 14 시간 전
MD JASIM 14 시간 전
Just Wow......