当烙锅遇上缙云烧饼,你以为有故事?并没有!When the flipping pan meets sesamecake,you think there will be a story?

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李子柒 Liziqi

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I once came across this local savory in Guizhou,
which is totally new to my granny.
So this time, I crisp up the meat and veggies on such a hot iron pot,
for her to go with Jinyun flatbread.
Happy 2020! Wish you good health, happiness, and success
in the magical new year!
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Tian Zhang
Tian Zhang 10 시간 전
This is the moment I lost myself into hey world.
ashrafa zeher
ashrafa zeher 13 시간 전
Multi-talented girl🙏
Aarti Kothari
Aarti Kothari 13 시간 전
Which song is she singing...its so beautiful...😇
Евгений Игоревич Потапов
Евгений Игоревич Потапов 17 시간 전
На самом деле у бабки сил совсем нет. Спектакль...
şirin sütpak
şirin sütpak 일 전
You were incredable
şirin sütpak
şirin sütpak 일 전
Lizigi ı love you i'am a girl , you are beutiful you mu angels very lucky very funny ses you 🌼
Bingkun Hao
Bingkun Hao 2 일 전
America Lost
America Lost 2 일 전
The camera man or woman does an outstanding job
Juana Hada
Juana Hada 2 일 전
Qué admirable es esta señorita. Sabe hacer de todo, mejor habría que preguntarse, qué es lo que no sabe hacer.
NCT_for_better_life 3 일 전
Perfect human being????
Khánh Phạm
Khánh Phạm 5 일 전
chị đẹp đã xinh, nấu ăn giỏi, lại còn hát hay nữa
NY Manson
NY Manson 5 일 전
Maybe the video can lie, maybe the makeup can lie, but those hands don't lie, she really did a lot
Amalia Varas
Amalia Varas 5 일 전
No lo resisto más, definitivamente me enamoré!
Wilson Briones
Wilson Briones 5 일 전
kutsay kral
kutsay kral 5 일 전
احب الشعب كوري جدااا ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😙😙😘😘❤❤😚😚
kutsay kral
kutsay kral 5 일 전
kutsay kral
kutsay kral 5 일 전
Shane Liu
Shane Liu 6 일 전
Bhavani Jami
Bhavani Jami 6 일 전
Just awesome girl
Rita Zhu
Rita Zhu 7 일 전
p.peacock 7 일 전
Is there anything you can’t do Liziqi?? You grow, cook, ,sew, create AND sing! AMAZING!!!!
Ana Sumarna
Ana Sumarna 8 일 전
bagus sekali nyanyi nya
Ольга Малюга
Ольга Малюга 8 일 전
Какая молодец! Любовь,забота к ближнему и еще труд.
J. Kay
J. Kay 8 일 전
The lyrics of the song (8:16 ) 『清醒的人最荒唐』 by 毛不易 當你走進這歡樂場 背上所有的夢與想 各色的臉上各色的妝 沒人記得你的模樣 三巡酒過你在角落 固執的唱著苦澀的歌 聽他在喧囂里被淹沒 你拿起酒杯對自己說 一杯敬朝陽 一杯敬月光 喚醒我的嚮往 溫柔了寒窗 於是可以不回頭地逆風飛翔 不怕心頭有雨 眼底有霜 一杯敬故鄉 一杯敬遠方 守著我的善良 催著我成長 所以南北的路從此不再漫長 靈魂不再無處安放 躁动不安的座上客 自以为是地表演着 伪装着 舞蹈著 疲惫著 你拿起酒杯对自己说 一杯敬明天 一杯敬過往 支撐我的身體 厚重了肩膀 雖然從不相信所謂山高水長 人生苦短何必念念不忘 一杯敬自由 一杯敬死亡 寬恕我的平凡 驅散了迷惘 好吧天亮之後總是潦草離場 清醒的人最荒唐
Nai TATE 8 일 전
amazing on her talent, she is absolutely perfect.
Voxa Dedal
Voxa Dedal 9 일 전
Olivér Kovács
Olivér Kovács 9 일 전
她唱歌很棒。 对此,我真的非常感激。🎶🎸😍😍😍👏👏👏
F J 10 일 전
Pink Blush
Pink Blush 10 일 전
New fan here 🤗❤
Germela Carillo
Germela Carillo 10 일 전
Hawod kaau ang camera man
Pinder Dhaliwal
Pinder Dhaliwal 10 일 전
So connected to Mother Earth!! We all need to back to the simple but completely fulfilling life!! God bless this beautiful woman!!🙏🌾🙌
Sallie Gallegos
Sallie Gallegos 10 일 전
The technique at 5:59 reminds me of Swiss raclette.
Damien Rick Umali
Damien Rick Umali 10 일 전
I don't know what she's singing but I like it
Jeya Chandran
Jeya Chandran 11 일 전
Song super voice is very excellent
shai fui wong
shai fui wong 11 일 전
the home of heven
David DZ
David DZ 12 일 전
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Edson Cardoso
Edson Cardoso 12 일 전
Santos SP shou
Ling Hua
Ling Hua 13 일 전
Nice sing
Yaxye Lambaduusa Official Channel
Yaxye Lambaduusa Official Channel 13 일 전
Sings, cooks, maintains the farm, makes her own clothes and makeup, builds furniture out of bamboo, takes care of all the animals . only to become muslim is remaining for u
znxbcv afds
znxbcv afds 13 일 전
Anil gorh
Anil gorh 13 일 전
She is really talented. 💌💌💌 love from Assam, India
Bawang_Jamur 13 일 전
Her voice makes me cry. Waaaa.... She's so beautiful in and out. Her grandma must had done something amazing in her previous life to be blessed with a grand daughter like her.
Nathan Esa
Nathan Esa 13 일 전
so nice. thank you
Rin 13 일 전
wow! And she can sing! Holy cow. Very nice
María Osorio
María Osorio 14 일 전
Cantas muy bonito me gusta mucho tus vídeos Liziqi
masud660 14 일 전
You are so nice .
Faizi gamer
Faizi gamer 15 일 전
You're awesome Liziqi......😍
glamour wing's
glamour wing's 15 일 전
We can be friends??🙌🙌
theptele com
theptele com 15 일 전
ชอบคลิปของพี่เขามากค่ะ อยากให้ทำเยอะๆ เป็นกำลังใจให้นะคะ
Dawn Law
Dawn Law 15 일 전
is there anything you can't do?
Natalie Rivera
Natalie Rivera 15 일 전
Your singing voice is so very beautiful !! I am enamored with the sound. Very clear and lovely 🥰
Baht Аman
Baht Аman 16 일 전
Patrizio LORILLO
Patrizio LORILLO 16 일 전
Magnifique. (Marseille-France)
Mason Finley
Mason Finley 16 일 전
*beautiful voice* !!!
Rudhi Wijanarko
Rudhi Wijanarko 16 일 전
Can make everything ..and now singing and play guitar so well ? She will make Chuck Norris feel insecure.
The Hugi bugi
The Hugi bugi 16 일 전
Tell me what she doesn't know 🤔
Buckbeak's Crazy Garden Homestead
Buckbeak's Crazy Garden Homestead 17 일 전
I love your videos. I have chronic anxiety and they sooth my soul. Thank you for all that you do.
Top Thủ Thuật
Top Thủ Thuật 17 일 전
8:26 Honey! What to drink alcohol for? Listen to her singing what kind of song is also drunk
Sebastian Crab
Sebastian Crab 18 일 전
How much food is needed for these delicate women?
jan pakhi
jan pakhi 18 일 전
Aku Bahagia
Aku Bahagia 18 일 전
Whats the title of the song. Anyone knows?
NY Manson
NY Manson 14 일 전
《消愁》-mao bu yi
花猩猩 18 일 전
Maria Perdomo
Maria Perdomo 18 일 전
Delicia food organic I'm lake. And beutyful place. Nice goodbless for this food 💖💚🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁👍👍👍
Ran Liwen
Ran Liwen 19 일 전
liziqi was a singer in bar.
佐藤良子 19 일 전
声も良く通るいい声しているし、、いったい何者ですか? なんでもできるのね〜中国語読めないし英語もよくわからないけど。 感性と技術、、綺麗な体型、グランマに対するすごく献身的な態度。 魅力のある女性ですね〜
Moses Exodus
Moses Exodus 20 일 전
So Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com
She’s a Wonder Woman, the fact that she’s single, beautiful and takes care of Grandma makes her a more amazing woman!!!!
Quy Tran
Quy Tran 21 일 전
I normally true this
ladydr delicious
ladydr delicious 21 일 전
What is that cookware she put over the fire called? I would like to have one of those 🙂
มาลียา เพ็ญทอง
มาลียา เพ็ญทอง 21 일 전
You are amazing ❤️
Mercy Labampa
Mercy Labampa 21 일 전
Talented farm girl🥰
Mark Feliciano
Mark Feliciano 21 일 전
ika kartin
ika kartin 22 일 전
Suaranya merdu liziqi serba bisa hebat sukses..
Widdy Fouldt
Widdy Fouldt 22 일 전
Greeting from Indonesia 🙋‍♀️
Fayoza Saidova
Fayoza Saidova 23 일 전
I was so envious that you had a very juicy voice.
Thi Thu Hoa Ngo
Thi Thu Hoa Ngo 23 일 전
She sing very good
Mihn Goo
Mihn Goo 23 일 전
lol your hands are city girl's hands. anyway i enjoy your video.
棋士如如 23 일 전
Jaime Chavarría Echeverría
Jaime Chavarría Echeverría 24 일 전
Bee TripleDe
Bee TripleDe 24 일 전
What song?
JJ I 24 일 전
Somebody ran a ketchup ad before this video. Are they kidding? Who will watch this video and be impressed by ketchup?
تـرفه گالـفراشـه
تـرفه گالـفراشـه 24 일 전
لي احد يتابعها من العرب يخلي 👍😁😍
بسام الوصابي
بسام الوصابي 15 일 전
البنت ذي مبدعه بكل شي
Евгения Чепурина
Евгения Чепурина 24 일 전
Умничка! Красавица! Богиня! Сто раз!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Maria Dominguez
Maria Dominguez 24 일 전
Someone give her an award for most talented woman on the planet. Please!
Truth Luckybean
Truth Luckybean 24 일 전
Wow, she is the best grandmother carer you can get!
Najma نجمه
Najma نجمه 24 일 전
I watch your videos and i repeat them anytime i feel negatif and i appreciate the translation in arabic,thanks for all your efforts.
Heeji Yoon
Heeji Yoon 25 일 전
I'm soo curious on who films and edits all of her videos!
Thamarai illam
Thamarai illam 25 일 전
Super singer, very good voice, cooking queen, nice artist etc...
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
ليان ضهضونسمصومو اضغط من ه\ا الرابط ى لضاتتضتضن وشكرا
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
Attar hiyam
Attar hiyam 25 일 전
Niken Puspitosari
Niken Puspitosari 25 일 전
I think she is a fairy or an angel from the sky , because she is so amazing
Laarni Lazo
Laarni Lazo 25 일 전
Wow! Nice voice
Roxy Wang
Roxy Wang 26 일 전
She has such beautiful voice! She's full of surprises!!!
Ramana Nalabolu
Ramana Nalabolu 26 일 전
All in one you're
chayanika chaliha
chayanika chaliha 26 일 전
She is the all rounder on earth .
Mei Yang
Mei Yang 26 일 전
Such a paradise! Has everything you need! With such a intelligent, beautiful and talent girl! Si Chian is a diamond in China!
Circle Chan
Circle Chan 26 일 전
머니게임 4화 리뷰 전X공 듀오 크로스!
제2의 나라 OST, 환상적인 아카펠라를 만나다
제2의 나라: Cross Worlds
조회수 1.2M
The Scholar's Four Jewels of China
李子柒 Liziqi
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머니게임 4화 리뷰 전X공 듀오 크로스!
제2의 나라 OST, 환상적인 아카펠라를 만나다
제2의 나라: Cross Worlds
조회수 1.2M
💗손나은과 득근득근 운동 데이트💪🏻