(EP1)蓝草的一生?蓝印花布的一生?还是李子柒花裙子的一生?The life of blue calico dresses hand-dyed by Li Ziqi?

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李子柒 Liziqi

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“Blue dye comes from the indigo plant but is even bluer.”
Plant the indigo seeds and harvest twice a year,
Squash the leaves in a tank of liquid, drain to extract the dye, hand print the cloth and make into clothes!
Blue calico dying and batik printing are time-honored crafts handed down through generations.
I wonder how many of you still remember them.
蓝印花布 蜡染这些老前辈们的手艺,

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Natarajan Harishankar
Natarajan Harishankar 3 일 전
Really Amazing 😲😍🙏💐
Hridoy Hasan
Hridoy Hasan 3 일 전
You are multitalented.
I wonder about her time management skill...God🍉
Watching her videos is one of the most relaxing things 🌻
Siti Solekhatun
Siti Solekhatun 5 일 전
Bismilah ..semoga bisa ketemu😍😍😍😘
Janice Im
Janice Im 5 일 전
Mason Finley
Mason Finley 8 일 전
No matter the time of day. But, especially in the morning, I could watch her videos for hours and hours. She’s simply stunning. And she’s simply PHENOMENAL
Юлия Гайдарова
Юлия Гайдарова 11 일 전
Очень нравятся ваши видео
Юлия Гайдарова
Юлия Гайдарова 11 일 전
Как хорошо, что появился перевод на русском
shai fui wong
shai fui wong 11 일 전
Kavin Palanivel
Kavin Palanivel 12 일 전
She is such an amazing and talented woman.
Interest on Everything
Interest on Everything 13 일 전
她在所有事情上都很乐于助人 我喜欢她的每一个动作 我们可以从她那里学到很多想法 I'm From Bangladesh, Love her work
An Reena
An Reena 14 일 전
She is a Wonder woman ☘️
QUINDARA,Mia Liwanag
QUINDARA,Mia Liwanag 15 일 전
Patrizio LORILLO
Patrizio LORILLO 16 일 전
You are a Queen (Marseille-France)
رغد السبيعي
رغد السبيعي 19 일 전
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
Janice Tamayo
Janice Tamayo 21 일 전
Hello! Lizqi you have a golden hand it amazing how traditional long years past by.. you have a creative ideas that gifts from our god. How's the other girl claimed that someone copied her? Ok let's put in this way shooting a video with rare skilled hand craft it's hard and impossible to copy if it's live. You tube can monitor every bloggers dear. Maybe some not totally 100 percent,making this fantastic video turn my mind wow how amazing life when my Gramma time!? I wished it happened again everything is fresh and free growing your own food huge dream of mine one-day I have my own farm in god speed!
Nana khusbu
Nana khusbu 21 일 전
Beautiful liziqi
風間真 22 일 전
nookala sriram
nookala sriram 22 일 전
Great hard working ..... Awesome 👍👍 👏👏👏 keep it up
hyre moueaou
hyre moueaou 23 일 전
Félicitations magnifique
Nawas Shan
Nawas Shan 24 일 전
Im jealous...😊 and liked you alot...its more than a beautiful movie full of mooost beautfl frames
Müge Akgün
Müge Akgün 26 일 전
Marjorie Mesa
Marjorie Mesa 27 일 전
Amazing ♥️
Xiaolin Jiang
Xiaolin Jiang 29 일 전
Meditation & Relaxation
Meditation & Relaxation 29 일 전
She is such an amazing artist.
Thanks that she is a youtube orelse i wouldnt admire her multi talent,,,,
ทีจี โฟน
ทีจี โฟน 개월 전
Neha Niyazi
Neha Niyazi 개월 전
nice video
Karmila Karmila
Karmila Karmila 개월 전
Nicole 개월 전
Nice girl
Grejee13 Gabinete
Grejee13 Gabinete 개월 전
It really shows effort
Jamie Pang
Jamie Pang 개월 전
I wonder how she can be so publicly active on KOpost while KOpost is completely blocked in China?
bhawana mehar
bhawana mehar 개월 전
I miss you so soooooooo much, please make new vlogs , I love you and your vlogs . I wish god give me a daughter like you. May God bless you with healthy wealthy life. Lots of love from India .
Serik Kaliev
Serik Kaliev 개월 전
Она как будто из другого века
李玉峰 개월 전
Фэйрчайлд Айэм
Фэйрчайлд Айэм 개월 전
Благодарю того, кто сделал переводи субтитры!!!
Sharlyn Vinda
Sharlyn Vinda 개월 전
Sharlyn Vinda
Sharlyn Vinda 개월 전
Guadalupe Verdin
Guadalupe Verdin 개월 전
Foo Chee Seng
Foo Chee Seng 개월 전
视频一分钟 制作多少功?
小三 개월 전
Kurniawan 개월 전
greetings from 2021 🖐️
TJP Superhits
TJP Superhits 개월 전
You really very talented woman hates off to you
Your Orangié
Your Orangié 개월 전
Mai Labs
Mai Labs 개월 전
Watching her doing all these things makes feel i'm useless 🥺
Nika-Nika 개월 전
Спасибо,за перевод,на русский!💐
Mehmet Mutlu
Mehmet Mutlu 개월 전
Rogério Muniz
Rogério Muniz 개월 전
Miankamran Miankamran
Miankamran Miankamran 개월 전
Liziqui why you are soo talented
Priyanka V
Priyanka V 개월 전
So beautiful 😘❤️❤️, where are you these days 😭😭😭
Karen McCaslin
Karen McCaslin 개월 전
Do you have barn for your farm animals?
Md Rabbani
Md Rabbani 개월 전
nice video clip
สุริโย ถิ่นศรีนวล
สุริโย ถิ่นศรีนวล 개월 전
dem boys
dem boys 개월 전
The far-flung salad postoperatively thank because growth ophthalmoscopically divide astride a sincere waitress. placid, dashing apparel
Hijam Naoshum
Hijam Naoshum 개월 전
Do you love nature I love nature 😊
Eleni Fischer
Eleni Fischer 개월 전
Que está haciendo. Parece Tofu lo blanco. Lo otro es pintura lograda con plantAs . Haciendo estencil , plantilla de estarcido . Hace todo sus pinturas, brochas etc. Es toda una artista
Dollynho gamepley
Dollynho gamepley 2 개월 전
Salve familia 😎😎😎 brasil a qui marcando prezença
현준 2 개월 전
I thought you were a good person. So I was watching your video well. One day, you broadcast the wrong broadcast. The food in my country was broadcasted as if it were your country's food. I saw that the cooked process was also wrong. The bottom line is that you were a fraudulent broadcaster. It's a lie. It's a broadcast. I was selling and promoting the value of you. 我把你當成好人.. 所以我很喜歡你的視頻。 某一天,你播出了一個錯誤的節目。 我國家的食物就像你國家的食物一樣播出... 製作過程也看到了錯誤。 結論就是你是個欺騙性的播音員。 製造虛假的..節目.. 賣掉了你的價值,進行了宣傳。
Karina & Gabriel
Karina & Gabriel 2 개월 전
Meu sonho, passar um dia na casa desta mulher 😍🇧🇷 Plantando Colhendo Cozinhando Um sonho😍
Vithor_544 Roblox uwu
Vithor_544 Roblox uwu 개월 전
Where do you live sister....I also wanna live there....that place is so satisfying
çiçek Esgerova
çiçek Esgerova 2 개월 전
Я просто в восторге от этой девушки! Какая молодец, и какая забота и любовь к бабушке! Приятно видеть перевод на русский язык, спасибо, стало еще интереснее смотреть.
Songguo Talk App - 放心说心事!
Songguo Talk App - 放心说心事! 2 개월 전
พระครู สุธรรมคณารักษ์
พระครู สุธรรมคณารักษ์ 2 개월 전
Лариса Рославцева
Лариса Рославцева 2 개월 전
ОБОЖАЮ ВАШИ ВИДИО!!!! СПАСИБО за русские субтитры!!!! ЛИЗИГИ ВЫ СУПЕР!!!!!! 👍👍👍😍😍😍😄😄😄💜🧡💚💛❤️💙🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿
PsiLocker 2 개월 전
Dont EATE DOGS please! And make harmony to the Planet!
craft ideas
craft ideas 2 개월 전
my grandmother and I'm is a big fan of you
Lucia Stefan
Lucia Stefan 2 개월 전
Draga Liziqe, de pe alt continent Europa, tara Romania, iti trimit acest mesaj de admiratie. Ma uit la filmarile tale cand doresc sa ma relaxez. Viata la tara, peisajele, stilul de gatit, muncile colaterale, toate ma fascineaza. Imi pare rau ca nu inteleg ce vorbiti, dar ma multumesc cu limbajul imaginilor.vreau sa fim proetene, sa facem schimb de idei Iti doresc sa vad filmarile tale cat mai mult timp. Esti o multilaterala, de la care pot sa ma inspir. Te salut cu urarea romaneasca DOAMNE AJUTA !
Nasimur Rahaman
Nasimur Rahaman 2 개월 전
She really can cook .👌
star heppy
star heppy 2 개월 전
Liziqi i like you❤️❤️❤️
♡KOR&CHN couple epic story~♡
♡KOR&CHN couple epic story~♡ 2 개월 전
My wife is from Guangzhou China. So cute, lovely and super smart. I love china♡♡
y Gordon
y Gordon 2 개월 전
Sk may claim liziqi is korean someday....
Jayanthee Chew
Jayanthee Chew 2 개월 전
Ling Xu
Ling Xu 2 개월 전
Sri Latha
Sri Latha 2 개월 전
장아름다운 2 개월 전
BANG JAGO 2 개월 전
Traditional Chinese 👍👍
張怡君 2 개월 전
山間蛇多,燒材的灰撒 四周,蛇怕灰或石灰也怕建材行有賣石灰蛇太多,我怕蛇!
Udo Bastians
Udo Bastians 2 개월 전
best wishes to you lizqi and china ,happy new year. :) the world only knows a little bit of chinas great culture. :)
Li Iceland
Li Iceland 2 개월 전
Li Ziqi! You are a PURE DIAMOND ! I am so happy I found your channel. Your Love and Understanding of Nature, your NUMEROUS Skills and TALENTS are INCREDIBLE! You are So Beautiful and TALENTED. Hard work brings wonderful fruits. I TOTALLY ADMIRE you!
Li Iceland
Li Iceland 2 개월 전
Her grandma is so adorable. I like her laughter . Brings happy tears to my eyes. :)))))
Li Iceland
Li Iceland 2 개월 전
How in the world is one - a Chef, a Gardener, a Seamstress, a Designer, an Editor, a Caretaker, a Carpenter?!! She is absolutely BEYOND BRILLIANT. I am in AWE by her and realize the way she lives is Exactly how we are ALL Suppose to.
Li Iceland
Li Iceland 2 개월 전
She is simply WONDERFUL!! She has been a great source of helping all of us recognize that we Belong to Nature and ONLY there (!!) can we find Peace and Happiness in life.
Li Iceland
Li Iceland 2 개월 전
Li Ziqi! I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by you !! The way you take care of your grandmother brings tears to my eyes. Your skills are Fantastic! Your grandfather would be SO PROUD of you !!! You build things(!!) you make clothes, do tons of crafts! Your gardening and cooking skills are AMAZING ! You have such Divine Taste! Your VIDEOS are just Perfect. They bring Happiness! Thank you , darling ! God BLESS YOU in EVERYTHING you DO !!
Nazima Nazima
Nazima Nazima 2 개월 전
김진건 2 개월 전
china 下愚不移
Joyce Bivins
Joyce Bivins 2 개월 전
Hello to u Liziqi & ur Grandma I enjoy watching ur craft the music play is so soothing thxs a bunch.
doersmindset 2 개월 전
you original artworks always are inspirations to so many subscribers, Li Ziqi.
Satria official.
Satria official. 2 개월 전
Adakah orang Indonesia disini?😁jika ada komen..
Susan Roosevelt
Susan Roosevelt 2 개월 전
We will always support her!
Susan Roosevelt
Susan Roosevelt 2 개월 전
Zo Kitchen
Zo Kitchen 2 개월 전
It’s so beautiful
Karen Dearlove
Karen Dearlove 2 개월 전
It is so touching to see her with her grandma. I love watching Liziqi's beautiful videos.
lina cecile
lina cecile 2 개월 전
I've done one with an expert,but not as beautiful as Ziqi’s😂
丁金梅 2 개월 전
這個女孩真是無所不能, 佩服至極。
Alma A.
Alma A. 2 개월 전
Liziqi will you ornament something with those pearls, I wonder if you have any brilliant ideas?
Aaqib javed
Aaqib javed 2 개월 전
She is so telented I am her big fan
Elsiyar Ah
Elsiyar Ah 2 개월 전
Бог создал людей вот для этого, а не лдя воин и убийства
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