Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers | 用绢花工艺做了套桃花发冠,带上爱人浪了一把春天丨Liziqi Channel

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【李子柒 Liziqi 】
Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers, and catch the spring breeze with my dear Granny.
As a spring ritual after the new year, I’ve been busy sowing recently back at home.
In the mood for some hand-made hair accessories,
I made these Hanfu ornaments with silk flowers, and had this video shot.
In this pretty spring, when peach blossoms dye the mountain,
take my dear lady to the place full of memory, where all is found,
and tick yet another one from her wish list.
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الشرقاوى لتسمين ومزاع اللأرنب 9 분 전
I want to be with you
markus dylewski
markus dylewski 26 분 전
Moglabys podawac skladniki z ktorych gotujesz.Te kilka slow po angielsku nie powinny byc problemem. Pozdrawiam.
Aulia Maharani
Aulia Maharani 37 분 전
Love from Indonesia ♡
Paulo保罗 57 분 전
Linda, i'm from Brazil
Khadija Benatia
Khadija Benatia 시간 전
Your videos are wonderful and breathe life into me .. Can I, with your permission, translate them into Arabic and republish them?
sy kim
sy kim 시간 전
It's truly amazing that one girl can do so much with only her gradmama. hope things will go well. I made sure to subscribe.
Rabiia_art 시간 전
Very inspiring woaw im shook and really interesting what she does, like i know nothing - im a bit ashamed
Unkie Sacredspirit
Unkie Sacredspirit 시간 전
Absolutely beautiful!!..delicate,colorful,playful and dreamy...
R.m Kyapao
R.m Kyapao 시간 전
The places is so beautiful
Sang Woo Michael Park
Sang Woo Michael Park 시간 전
Lovely video
Selena 2 시간 전
i thought this was a drama
Igor Freitas
Igor Freitas 2 시간 전
Galaxy S20 Plus
Galaxy S20 Plus 2 시간 전
Liziqi was fuc--ked with Xijinping!!!!
Foo Chee Seng
Foo Chee Seng 3 시간 전
Nowadays, I am inspired from her, to build a cement Panda oven with two funny ears. and it works!
Rattiya Janssens
Rattiya Janssens 3 시간 전
You are a true princess, you have a home like paradise, everything around you is really perfect.
Emilya Eyyubova
Emilya Eyyubova 3 시간 전
rewas Muhammad
rewas Muhammad 3 시간 전
I think ther is nothing that she can`nt do it 😊
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• S h a y • 3 시간 전
Wow lizi just wow Am surprised! Oh and take good care of your grandma hope she have a long life tbh I really wanna meet her and you! >w
Dilara Topuz
Dilara Topuz 3 시간 전
Announced in the hope that humanity still exists in the world !!!! There is a massacre in East Turkestan and more people will die unless they make a sound. Don't keep quiet, be the voice of humanity !! Spread this everywhere !!!
ming tan
ming tan 3 시간 전
Pandas are China's national treasure. Liziqi is China's 2nd national treasure. Such an unbelievably inspiring beautiful woman!
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Translate to Indonesian
cheers with dilna
cheers with dilna 4 시간 전
Super vedio👍👍👍
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hello sisters from Vietnam
Lets Go Ra Ta Ta
Lets Go Ra Ta Ta 4 시간 전
Awwww... How lovely!! This is what I call a pure joy ever to experience.... And you my dear Granny, I love you so much🤗😇 May you longlive... This is my sincere prayer from the core of my heart😊❤❤
Nin Nin
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Fatimah Shena Channel Journey
Fatimah Shena Channel Journey 5 시간 전
I really loves watching every videos of your sister Liziqi 🥰😍 You so amazing beautiful talented 😍 Your place really nice and beautiful 😍 👌 Watching from Philippines 🇵🇭 💕 💖 ❤ May 7,2021
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уже одно то что я смотрю меня возносит СПАСИБО
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เธอนิสุดยอด ยอมเธอเลย
FARM'S GIFT 6 시간 전
hello liziqi i am a fan of yours from the philippines. i also became a vlogger because of you. you inspired me a lot....hope i can get support with your fans too.even if my content is not good as you. praying to God.😁❤
Kanitta Comecana
Kanitta Comecana 6 시간 전
ウズマキヴイクトル 6 시간 전
スガクーデス ♡ リジン
María B.E.
María B.E. 6 시간 전
I love your videos. Someone knows what type of camara she used?
Alisson_ Wonderland
Alisson_ Wonderland 6 시간 전
She has now 15 M subs...that’s amazing! I remember when she just got 1M subs.
Trang Sam
Trang Sam 6 시간 전
Is She growing all peach flowers? That so awesome
h otp
h otp 7 시간 전
It looks like freaking CGI😨 The scenery oh my😱
Ambal Kabilan
Ambal Kabilan 7 시간 전
Love from 🇮🇳India
Ambal Kabilan
Ambal Kabilan 7 시간 전
Such a beautiful place in earth 💖💖 🌎
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John Franklin 7 시간 전
Intan Suci
Intan Suci 7 시간 전
Yang dari Indonesia suka nontonin liziqi kumpul sini
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M. Arko Sachtito. G
M. Arko Sachtito. G 7 시간 전
Cantik bet cok
옥슬이 7 시간 전
我爱北京天安门 워아이베이징톈안먼 나는 베이징의 천안문을 사랑해 天安门上太阳升 톈안먼샹타이양셩 천안문엔 태양이 뜨네 伟大领袖毛主席 웨이다링슈마오주시 위대한 지도자 마오 주석께서 指引我们向前进 쯔인워먼썅첸진 우리를 앞으로 이끄시네
زوجة الفاضلي
زوجة الفاضلي 8 시간 전
Iam frome india and i love all of your video's ❣️
titán 2 V
titán 2 V 8 시간 전
Muy hermoso todo 😍😍
[김인이] 8 시간 전
진짜 못하는게 없는 분이시네요.. 유일하게 마지막까지 다 보는 채널
Aditya Chhetri
Aditya Chhetri 9 시간 전
Love from Sikkim India❤
Qurat Dar
Qurat Dar 9 시간 전
I m watching now i m feeling better
Qurat Dar
Qurat Dar 9 시간 전
She is soo talanted ❤️
Celcius 9 시간 전
There's gotta be a whole professional production team working behind her, why do people still believe shes working alone smh
Andrew Vhi
Andrew Vhi 9 시간 전
듀라 9 시간 전
사기꾼이였네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Robin Yates
Robin Yates 9 시간 전
Congratulations on your Award!!!!🎉🎉🎉🏆🏆🏆🎊🎊🎊 Live long and prosper LIZIQI TEAM!!!
Mahalakshmi kanagaraj
Mahalakshmi kanagaraj 10 시간 전
Wanna live to tht plc
jasaberdikarilogistick JBL
jasaberdikarilogistick JBL 10 시간 전
I love tou 😍
Hope Stone
Hope Stone 10 시간 전
She really used mugwort as a green colorant 😂😂😂 I love her, can’t get enough of her videos to this day
MF Sakkeer Hussain
MF Sakkeer Hussain 10 시간 전
Who loves her grandma please like
I wish i could live in liziqi's world
Dhamar Pamungkas
Dhamar Pamungkas 10 시간 전
mbak li ziqi cantik dan pintar, love from indonesia
Ruby LEE
Ruby LEE 11 시간 전
This makes me proud to be Chinese despite our reputation of copycats, knockoffs, dirty, inconsiderate, communism, trade wars...yeah you get the drift
ธีระพงษ์ มีคงจันทร์
ธีระพงษ์ มีคงจันทร์ 11 시간 전
VariteyVineyards 11 시간 전
She looks like an immortal.
Jp Madan
Jp Madan 11 시간 전
Please upload new vedio
花落城中如你回眸 12 시간 전
rutvij Patel
rutvij Patel 12 시간 전
Can I stay this place one month with you
Rukhsana Khan
Rukhsana Khan 12 시간 전
It's really real work
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مصطفى مثنى
مصطفى مثنى 13 시간 전
الله يضربكم الله هو ضارب العراق نوب انتو ضربتو صاروخ والعراق وكع بيهل الله هو حاجم بيت العراق
The Moon
The Moon 13 시간 전
This was absolutely wonderful.
Hitler Thongam
Hitler Thongam 13 시간 전
I love your intelligence. I don't miss your vedio. All day all night all time I look everything.
ony KAP
ony KAP 13 시간 전
I like.cute
Negin Ehsan Jawid
Negin Ehsan Jawid 13 시간 전
I’m sure if she allows people will come and stay with her for few days and do all the things that she does like live her life even if for few days and actually pay her for that.
Blm is anti-Asian
010000100110010101101110 0110101000001101
010000100110010101101110 0110101000001101 13 시간 전
I can’t help but imagine liziqi transmigrating to ancient China...she’ll fit right in! That peach blossom crown was so pretty, the buyao she used were pretty too~~
Negin Ehsan Jawid
Negin Ehsan Jawid 13 시간 전
The only youtube channel that you can actually learn something and get a positive energy instead of comparing your life with others and feel crap about yourself
Lakhineni Anuradha
Lakhineni Anuradha 13 시간 전
Super lq
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Kuldip Kumar 14 시간 전
Your videos is very nice, are you single.
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Awesome place😍
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Thought she has cameraman
Xiaolin Jiang
Xiaolin Jiang 14 시간 전
Raven Luuu
Raven Luuu 14 시간 전
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 14 시간 전
This is becoming inauthentic and over-produced
Binu Prakash
Binu Prakash 15 시간 전
18:30 🥰🥰🥰
Chandeshawar Yadav
Chandeshawar Yadav 15 시간 전
Chandeshawar Yadav
Chandeshawar Yadav 15 시간 전
Kya my jan sakti hu ki aap kaha ki rahne vali he mujhe aapka video acha lagta he and vaha ka vatavrang bhi plzz mujhe kamet jarur kijiaga
Javier Perez Castillo
Javier Perez Castillo 15 시간 전
I love ❤ liziqui, Greetings 👋 from your Mexican 🇲🇽🌎 friends🙃
M Mn
M Mn 15 시간 전
13:55 this thing are seriously delicious... So good. Good to eat in cold and hot.. Sorry about my english..
Samantha Izaguirre
Samantha Izaguirre 16 시간 전
Can you imagine going out on your walk in the trees and seeing this?? I'd think she was a faery!
Emaan Khan
Emaan Khan 16 시간 전
It's sOooOooo lOvely place,i wish i was here😞
Farzana Anzar
Farzana Anzar 16 시간 전
I wish.. If she put some title for her video becoz i can't understand anything
Sonia Oliveira
Sonia Oliveira 16 시간 전
Im speachless! She is so talented and beautiful! Wish i had a litle tiny bit of her skils!!! Love from Lisbon, Portugal, Lizqi!!! 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
Htar Mu Htoo
Htar Mu Htoo 16 시간 전
Where is that place at? I want to visit someday ✨❤️ *beautiful*😍
CARINE LIU 16 시간 전
桃花冠好美啊!桃花🌸园 桃花衣 桃花美食 都是天然的好味道
Hemangini Patel
Hemangini Patel 16 시간 전
New video post kar
sottu Molla
sottu Molla 16 시간 전
My name is Rani.
Mcbee T
Mcbee T 17 시간 전
How luckiest Liziqis lola..
sottu Molla
sottu Molla 17 시간 전
U r a talented girl really..I am indian.from kolkata.❤️
sottu Molla
sottu Molla 16 시간 전
Thnx u yr.
Nancy Omran
Nancy Omran 17 시간 전
There is an incredible feeling of comfort and serenity when I watch your videos 🧡 you’re the best of the best ✨
Hamsa O
Hamsa O 17 시간 전
Which country are you from
李西西 18 시간 전
Ánh Phạm
Ánh Phạm 18 시간 전
Không hiểu tại sao mỗi lần xem video của chị lại có cảm giác bình yên đến lạ thường
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