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Turn a soybean seed into a drop of soy sauce. Traditional. And hand-brewed.
With a history of 3,000 years, this intangible cultural heritage has become indispensable on our dining table.
Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea. That’s what Chinese have for a day’s meals.
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Liza Sealongo
Liza Sealongo 일 전
Wow.. She made her own soy sauce..
rosana cruz
rosana cruz 2 일 전
o gatinho tentando pegar uma comidinha 😁🐈😺
rs 3 일 전
Does she sell the crop or her products ??
なまちぴー 4 일 전
mataporn theannitipakorn
mataporn theannitipakorn 5 일 전
bhagyasri mortha
bhagyasri mortha 7 일 전
Hats off to your dedication and hard work I never seen a person like you liziqi
Norn Vireakyuth
Norn Vireakyuth 9 일 전
i love your food
Sanbhya Thakur
Sanbhya Thakur 11 일 전
Very nice video
shai fui wong
shai fui wong 11 일 전
Reni Nia
Reni Nia 12 일 전
Saya suka
Adi Surianto
Adi Surianto 12 일 전
kedelai okeee ...👍👍👍👍
David DZ
David DZ 13 일 전
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中筋美恵子 13 일 전
Marie-Francoise Le Doze
Marie-Francoise Le Doze 13 일 전
She cooks wearing a white vest and never gets a stain! In all her videos she never gets "dirty" while cooking or eating. She is simply amazing.
may gd
may gd 13 일 전
天弁 15 일 전
Awlad Hossain
Awlad Hossain 16 일 전
Cesar II
Cesar II 17 일 전
please do you have recipe / ?
Mariaelena Mejia
Mariaelena Mejia 17 일 전
Lizogi gracias por tu jemplo de trabajo.Saludos desde Pereira Colombia Sur America
Ahmad Ubaydillah
Ahmad Ubaydillah 19 일 전
Wow 🤩🤩
Toshi Suzuya
Toshi Suzuya 20 일 전
In my dialect we call soyabean as axone 🥺 even tho it's a well fermented process it stinks as hell but we love to eat 😋
Eva Wong
Eva Wong 21 일 전
香港慈雲山,天主教聖文德小學上午校,由60年代中開始,不斷虐打小朋友, 每日都體罰學生,剛升上小一的幼童都不放過, 經常留堂,不准小朋友食飯,老師全部蠻不講理,為了擠身名校,不擇手段, 殘害兒童,導致不少人身心創傷,長大後比正常兒童更早出現心血管病,糖尿病,有的更容易藥物依賴、酗酒、吸毒! 歐福齡、彭潔芳、陳潔璋、杜敏華… 這班人渣,人面獸心,你們逃過人間的監獄,逃不過地獄之火!
Meghna Bairagi
Meghna Bairagi 22 일 전
Hi...I’ve a question because it is also a curiosity to know, how do you manage to clean the utensils everytime you cook the food because they’re so huge in size .
•Honey• 23 일 전
Why did she go to carry the water from the forest when she has a water system at home?
Banuk R
Banuk R 24 일 전
mjmm0115 24 일 전
Cesar Chacon
Cesar Chacon 26 일 전
El gato y el perro tienen hambre
wei li
wei li 26 일 전
simone fabiane
simone fabiane 27 일 전
advice please: what kind of leaves can I use other than those ones. How can I cook the chicken without a kiln. I really want to make that chicken in looks so tasty. Would a foil or baking paper work?
ivanxyz 28 일 전
I can guarantee that farm life in China does not look like this. Liziqi's videos are incredible. Her cinematography is superb. The entire production is highly professional. The story her videos show are romanticized. Nothing wrong with this. Just not real.
Xiaolin Jiang
Xiaolin Jiang 29 일 전
Daria G.
Daria G. 29 일 전
Всем привет, я начала снимать Волги о своей жизни,кому не трудно переходите по ссылке, смотрите ,комментируйте ,подписывайтесь. kopost.info/home/lnmvu5SVrI7XmJ8/bidio
junie arambala
junie arambala 개월 전
I just found her 4 days ago and now I am following all her videos
D Diver
D Diver 개월 전
This is what I'm search for, how to making "soy ketchup" from the root
John Karol Limjuco
John Karol Limjuco 개월 전
When I am watching your videos, it feels like I'm playing Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, and I was like, playing thr Girl one. Thanks for sharing good vibes and satisfying videos always. God bless you, Liziqi.
Нина Казначеева
Нина Казначеева 개월 전
Так спорится у неё всё и так выглядит аппетитно, наверно нет ничего на свете, что бы она не сумела сделать. Умница!
J4ces 개월 전
Speechless about these skills
Knowledge for change
Knowledge for change 개월 전
I want to comment but I am always speechless no words for her dedication. Amazing
Stefanie Große
Stefanie Große 개월 전
I would like to brew soysauce at my home in Germany, too. Have one question: Did you let the funghi grow naturally on the surface of steamed soybeans and wheat or did you use a starter aspergillus oyzae cultur? Is it possible to let it grow naturally? What's the ancient technique, does someone know? Thank you so much for your work!!! Love!!!!
panyou zou
panyou zou 개월 전
Chinese food is amazing
Jim Yang
Jim Yang 개월 전
Rosie Albrecht
Rosie Albrecht 개월 전
sis please i'm begging you put out a cookbook
Sri Rizky
Sri Rizky 개월 전
Hi guys, do you know what type of camera she uses to make this video? Thanks
麗華楊 개월 전
Florence Dupingay Vedar
Florence Dupingay Vedar 개월 전
Salute to you Liziqi from the Philippines.
Florence Dupingay Vedar
Florence Dupingay Vedar 개월 전
Three days in a row now that i have watched her videos...you realy are wonder woman Liziqi
Sara Al
Sara Al 개월 전
Katrina Dela Cruz
Katrina Dela Cruz 개월 전
All of you are amazed of how long she was able to make soy sauce, duuude she plant her own wasabi HAHAHA
TaeTae bear
TaeTae bear 개월 전
If someone will ask me : have u ever seen a angel in real life I'll say : yes I've ...her name is liziqi
Margarete Souza
Margarete Souza 개월 전
Amo seus vídeos sou do Brasil
Guntur Tarigan
Guntur Tarigan 개월 전
❤️ Indonesia 🙏🙏saya pingin melihat vedeo 2yg baru
aussie new homes
aussie new homes 개월 전
您连酱油都会酿, 您好棒 !!! 对我来说, 您是十全十美, 进得了厨房出得了厅堂. 视频的每一个细节, 里里外外, 音乐, ...服装全部的配搭都非常棒, 非常非常棒!! 您的视频, 让我 视 - 心 - 感 .....一切心平静和. 真的太棒了, 再次谢谢您. 婆婆好开心, 您两好开心. 非常棒!!
Kurniawan 개월 전
greetings from 2021 🖐️
Tulshi Das
Tulshi Das 개월 전
I love lizique
Eva Wong
Eva Wong 개월 전
BTW, your given name are swear words in Cantonese!
谢谢你的视频。 我喜欢看你的yummu烹饪。 看起来很好吃。 安慰食物。 我们爱你和祖母。 你好,来自美国。
Jian Zhou
Jian Zhou 개월 전
Tufan Hosen
Tufan Hosen 개월 전
Your videos gratis
John Liver
John Liver 개월 전
Give me address place & contact nob
官辰凌 개월 전
你養幾隻狗狗 @@
Nika-Nika 개월 전
Keys DIEP ANH 개월 전
子柒姐姐 !你太棒了 👏👏👏👏
Only U Cambodia
Only U Cambodia 개월 전
Nice Foods
cheungcheng wong
cheungcheng wong 개월 전
Isildra Somoza
Isildra Somoza 개월 전
Por fin vi a liziqi que alegria me dio que gusto tenia varios meses que no le veia y siempre tan bella y tan dulce al lado de su abuelita como me gustaria conocerla saludos desfe guatemala
Mae Thao V
Mae Thao V 개월 전
I love your channel is so beautiful and relaxing from Canada
Doring Gray
Doring Gray 개월 전
How much will a bottle of that soyabean sauce cost?
Maria Fátima
Maria Fátima 개월 전
Amo essas músicas
Wen Di Lien
Wen Di Lien 개월 전
Irene Davo
Irene Davo 개월 전
Please watch 8 videos of Jim Nduruchi 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
chao win
chao win 개월 전
真有其人嗎? 還是只是演員?
独影随行 개월 전
子柒的衣服好好看 请问有网址吗
Jake Morris-Knower
Jake Morris-Knower 개월 전
an absolute masterpiece in about forty-seven ways
Eleni Fischer
Eleni Fischer 개월 전
Sembrando de nuevo, , parece frijol de soya, lo muele y hace harina. Otro lo cuece parece agregarle sal y conserva. El otro parece salsa de soya. Y la envasa
สุทธิ เงินจันทร์
สุทธิ เงินจันทร์ 개월 전
สุทธิ เงินจันทร์
สุทธิ เงินจันทร์ 개월 전
สุทธิ เงินจันทร์
สุทธิ เงินจันทร์ 개월 전
Eva Wong
Eva Wong 개월 전
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Thanh tươi Nguyễn
Thanh tươi Nguyễn 2 개월 전
Ố chà chà
sahana sanjana sahana sanjana
sahana sanjana sahana sanjana 2 개월 전
Hi 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Clinton Andrews
Clinton Andrews 2 개월 전
That is definitely a 'watchdog.' Watching to make sure that nothing falls off the plate... or if it does, it never hits the floor. ;-D)
Aldwin Villanueva
Aldwin Villanueva 2 개월 전
Liziqi is so hardworking and she is so beautiful, I like her
현준 2 개월 전
I thought you were a good person. So I was watching your video well. One day, you broadcast the wrong broadcast. The food in my country was broadcasted as if it were your country's food. I saw that the cooked process was also wrong. The bottom line is that you were a fraudulent broadcaster. It's a lie. It's a broadcast. I was selling and promoting the value of you. 我把你當成好人.. 所以我很喜歡你的視頻。 某一天,你播出了一個錯誤的節目。 我國家的食物就像你國家的食物一樣播出... 製作過程也看到了錯誤。 結論就是你是個欺騙性的播音員。 製造虛假的..節目.. 賣掉了你的價值,進行了宣傳。
silpi chetia
silpi chetia 2 개월 전
Sofik Sumi
Sofik Sumi 2 개월 전
Iove from Bangladesh
nezha ouahidi
nezha ouahidi 2 개월 전
أنا أحبك ليزيكي❤❤❤
Vera Tan Burks
Vera Tan Burks 2 개월 전
Ziqi, I don’t know if you read this I wanna say I am so proud of you and thank you. I wish I’m able to meet you someday.
Edward 2 개월 전
Your videos are fascinating and very relaxing to watch. I'd especially like to see more about traditional remedies for common ailments, for example herbal remedies. I try to live a natural lifestyle. Thank you and best wishes from Wales in the UK
Songguo Talk App - 放心说心事!
Songguo Talk App - 放心说心事! 2 개월 전
Wided Djouadi
Wided Djouadi 2 개월 전
سيدتي الفاضلة ..انت مدهشة ..انت رائعة ..كم أتمنى أن أكون معك أنني أتابعك بحب واعجاب وانبهار كبير وأتمنى منك أن تدعوني يوما لزيارتك ..هذه أمنية من أمنيات بارك الله فيك وفي أعمالك انت امرأة خارقة ..احييك ..وداد من الجزائر
Puppy Loss
Puppy Loss 2 개월 전
Hola! Qué le agrego a la soja después de tostar fue ah harina, azúcar, polvo de hornear, chuño, maizena, bicarbonato, escribir los ingredientes y tiempos de fermentación,la preservación del proyecto durara? por favor♥
詹家豪 2 개월 전
Eva Wong
Eva Wong 2 개월 전
MR. RIGHT_J 2 개월 전
Siti Solihah
Siti Solihah 2 개월 전
Hebat to you, wanita infiratif.
ㄐㄗㄘㄛ 2 개월 전
Mohammad Oli Ullah
Mohammad Oli Ullah 2 개월 전
Please new video uplode please please please liziki please. I like this video a lot of
阿霞Axia 2 개월 전
好感动 这个视频,不但充满了体力活,而且耗时那么长,太感动了。可惜最后猫咪和狗狗没有吃的,它们馋啊。
Kolpona Begum
Kolpona Begum 2 개월 전
Pls feed your pet when u eat. They stair at the food and try to get it but I don't think they are allowed to eat your food. It's not fair on them.i love my pets and they get to eat everything they want.